Flat Roofs & Lantern Roofs

Optimise your light


The FRL75 Flat Rooflight system is designed to optimise natural light flow into any building. It can be installed in homes, offices, schools, and hotels, and has a stylish modern appearance. Our flat rooflights are available in three different designs: Fixed, Ventilation, and Egress. Each option features a removable PVC cassette which is mechanically attached to the frame to allow for easy glass replacement without affecting the entire unit.


Product Options:


  • Fixed (standard or walk-on) – Thermally efficient and secure rooflight to boost natural light.


  • Ventilation – Fitted with a chain drive actuator which allows the rooflight to open up to 360mm to improve interior ventilation.


  • Egress – Rooftop access via 70-degree angle opening with built in gas springs and espagnolette locking.


  • Extensive range of sizes


  • Dual colour powder coating